December 15, 2010

Even better Dynamic Slide Shows in Premiere

Adobe has a new tutorial for Premiere, Dynamic Slide Shows (embedded below). It's useful for the most part for setting up the "Ken Burns effect," but undersells Premiere a bit by ignoring drifting issues with changing position and scale that are solved by using the Anchor Point property instead of Postion (in both AE and Premiere).

Pan & scan techniques have been best described by Chris and Trish Meyer; see their article on pan & scan at Artbeats and More Motion, Less Control (on adding a human touch) at PVC for good results. For examples of taking the effect to the next level with camera mapping & multiplane animation, see another article by Trish & Chris at Artbeats, Bob Donlon's example in Son of Ken Burns, a Richard Harrington video in 'Motion Control' with After Effects. There's much more in posts tagged slideshow, multiplane animation, camera mapping, and the AE camera.

See The Ken Burns Effect — and beyond for more backround from Burns himself.

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