December 17, 2010

SSA Karaoke Animator: new After Effects script

"Paul Tuersley week" ends with a new After Effects script, pt_SSAKaraokeAnimator:

"Imports karaoke subtitles from Substation Alpha files (.ssa/.ass) and creates new text layers with user designed text animation. In this new version you can also add a bouncing ball to your karaoke."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tutorial!
How can i save the .ass file?

Rich said...


You might find support at the product website:

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but i do not understand.

i want to know how to save the .ass file wit after effects, that i can encode the .ass file and the video.

Please help me

Rich said...

go to

JrrMaster said... <-- I can't find download link here, where is I can download that software?

Rich said...

I see you left a comment on the correct page at ...