December 29, 2010

Subclips in Premiere: What? Why? How?

Andrew Devis posted a new video tutorial on sunclips in Premiere, Subclips: What? Why? How?:

"Subclips are essential when you need to organise a long piece of footage into smaller, more manageable chunks so that you can keep track of your project... Andrew Devis explains what subclips are, why you may want to use them and how to create and edit them."

For more see Using Subclips in Premiere Pro by Franklin Mcmahon at Layers and Creating and playing clips in Premiere Help.

Devis also has a tutorial for new editors on a relatively new (CS4) feature in Premiere, Understanding Nesting: A Key to Efficient Editing. Nesting of course is one of the earliest features of After Effects (early on it was called "Compify").


Anonymous said...

"stealing from the rich to give to the poor"

some say it's charity, some say it's robbery ...

PS: and by the way. your comment system neds a major rework. No wonder why barely someone reply to any of your GEORGEOUS Blogposts to be frank.
But it might be this way :)

Rich said...

Fascinating in its clarity.