July 18, 2006

Nudge rotation in AE 1%

from around the net:

What's the shortcut to nudge rotation in AE 1%?

You might think a modifyer key and the old shortcut numpad +/- would work. Oddly, you won't get the result you want that way, but you don't have to resort to null layers and expression decimal mulipliers. AE's own DaveS has the clarification..."for any property click on the hot-text value (underlined) in the Timeline or Effect Controls panel, then hit:

Up/down arrow to increment/decrement by 1
cmd-up/down arrow to go by 0.1
shift-up/down arrow to go by 10

On windows, use ctrl instead of cmd.

For some effect properties with limited ranges, the default nudge increment may be different than 1, but adding cmd or shift will always decrease or increase the increment by a factor of 10. For nudging Clone Time on clone strokes, default is one frame, adding shift is one second."

July 14, 2006

QuickTime full screen script

from MacWorld:

QuickTime in full screen without the Pro version? Windows users still have recourse to iTunes and VideoLAN.

"Launch Script Editor and enter this:

Save the script as an application. Now open the movie you want to view in full screen in QuickTime Player. Double-click the AppleScript application you just created and your movie will play at full screen."

Here's the script text:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
present front movie scale screen
end tell

Be sure to have a movie when you launch your app. As in the Player, Command+1 views at 100%, Command+2 doubles, Command+3 is fullscreen, and Command+0 plays at 50%.

July 12, 2006

Type of the signs

Eugene Pak on the AE-list posted a link to funny type-oriented movie shorts:

Chesshire Dave's Etched in stone, required viewing in my case, and one on the misused Cooper Black.

July 11, 2006

Lightroom podcast and Adobe Design Center content

John Nack links new (and old) content at the Adobe Design Center, but the coolest is his July 8 post on Adobe Lightroom podcast #8 that Stu Maschwitz praised.

More at Photoshop News.

July 5, 2006

Preventing Movie Piracy

Technology Review at MIT covers this briefly:

Preventing Movie Piracy
Researchers are developing tools to thwart the copying of films in theaters.

July 2, 2006

Broadcast Flag flies again

via Stop Me Before I Vote Again...

Broadcast Flag flies again:
'And to no-one's surprise, "The audio flag provision, written by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR), has the full support of the Recording Industry Association of America."...

By a startling coincidence, [media] cartel support for Boxer is rising. This year she's so far received a massive $750,660 from the movie, music and tv industries, says opensecrets.com. In the 2004 cycle, she clocked up $740,260, and in 2002, $485,340.'

more at Ars Technica and EFF...

SyncVue and Xprove: more client review

Other tools helpful in client review, in addition to previously mentioned QT Movie NoteTaker for Win/Mac and WordPress plugin Video Comments, are SyncVue and Xprove. Both solve the problem of the limits of e-mailing large files to clients, and provide some of the benefits of Adobe ClipNotes from PremierePro 2.

SyncVue (Windows version due soon) allows for collaborative reviews via a Skype peer-to-peer connection, while Xprove provides storage, alerts clients material is ready, and passes their comments to you.

Frank Capria (the president of Xprove) elaborates on the AE-List:
"The easiest thing if you want the media on your own server would be to setup a Wordpress blog for each client using the video comments plug-in mentioned below. It's all PHP/MySQL, so you can get under the hood and modify as you see fit.

Here's how it might work.

-- Each client gets a blog like clientname.yourdomain.com.
-- You can password protect the subdomain to keep prying eyes out.
-- Each client can subscribe to the RSS feed of their blog. Thus they get instant notification when you post something.
-- Using the Video Comment plug-in linked to below, they can comment on your clips.
-- Set up every user at the client site as an approved author, so comments don't have to be moderated.

It's a few more steps than Xprove, but if having everything on your own server is important to you, it would work. It all comes down to how much time you want to put into this. Both SyncVue and Xprove are pretty inexpensive and the infrastructure is someone else's problem."