November 23, 2014

Making sound visible through Cymatics

Cymatics, the study of wave phenomena (often of material media on a vibrating substrate), was popularized by Swiss MD Hans Jenny (1904-1972). Though often discussed in the context of "new age" ideas, DIY techies and artists have expanded interest in the phenomena.

There's more at PVC in Making sound visible through Cymatics. For now, here's a recent example of cymatics from Nigel Stanford, Ferro Fluid:

November 15, 2014

Whip (swish) pans in After Effects & Premiere

re-post of some tools and tutorials

A whip or swish pan describes the motion of a fast camera move, as in following a passing train or spaceship. Because of motion blur, it's most often used to smooth transitions between abrupt cuts of shots or scenes. While this is often done in post, Adobe doesn't include dedicated tools for this effect, so here are some 3rd-party filters and tutorials you can use to construct whip pan transitions in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Read the rest in Whip (swish) pans in After Effects & Premiere at Pro Video Coalition.

Here's an example from a newer FREE tool from Red Giant Universe:

"Better Man" is recombinant "Save It For Later"

Out of touch with Seattle... It's strange to years later finally notice influences in pop songs: for example Pearl Jam's "Better Man" is based on "Save It For Later" by The English Beat. Apparently Pete Townshend of The Who liked the song too, which may explain Eddie Vedder's windmill motions in some videos.

Here's some footage from Chicago 2006 and 1982:

November 8, 2014

Jazz: Maiden Voyage/ Everything in its right place

Robert Glasper Trio - Maiden Voyage/ Everything in its right place - Bridgestone Music Festival `09, or and a later trio in a more abstract mood with Chris Dave drumming.

On the other hand, the visuals look good for the Flying Lotus tour, as detailed in Step Inside Flying Lotus's Mind-Blowing Performance Sculpture at The Creators Project.