August 31, 2012

Set Matte: a 32-bpc node for After Effects

Many people don’t know the Set Matte effect plug-in exists, maybe because it officially exists only to provide compatibility with earlier projects. That seems to have changed though, since Set Matte was upgraded to support 32-bpc color depth in After Effects CS6.

Read the rest at ProVideo Coalition.

August 26, 2012

After Effects Roundup PVC lines up the usual suspects: Video Copilot, Trapcode, AE Scripts, expressions, float, 3D, lip sync, tracking, etc.

Here's The Art of Animation and Motion Graphics from the PBS project Off Book, a cool series of short takes on digital art. 

August 15, 2012

Recently in After Effects

... notes the Knoll lens flare upgrade, an AE Scripts redesign + Plexus 2, matte extraction, fake guns, & more.

See Recently in After Effects at Pro Video Coalition. Here's a preview of Plexus 2, forthcoming from Satya Meka:


August 12, 2012

Muzzle flashes in After Effects

...round ups relevant resources at ProVideo Coalition. Despite its advanced age in computer years, The DV Rebel’s Guide may still be the best resource for fake guns and post-oriented indie production.

Here's something not in Muzzle flashes in After Effects, and not completely different (hell no):


August 6, 2012

Another week in After Effects

...relays news on a big new training series from Todd Kopriva and Angie Taylor, the Trapcode Mir debut, Element 3D, and more.

Read Another week in After Effects at PVC.

Here's 'Using Compound Effects' from: Adobe After Effects CS6: Learn by Video by Todd Kopriva and Angie Taylor,

August 3, 2012

Trapcode Mir: a fractalized 3D mesh

Trapcode Mir was released this week. Mir creates 3D shapes that are built from a simple polygon mesh. 

There's a roundup of resources at PVC... but for a taste, here's Peder Norrby's TRAPCODE MIR quick walkthrough: