October 31, 2011

Last week in After Effects

Roundup: Last week in After Effects... and related news is at PVC.

Here’s another week of some of the latest news on After Effects tutorials, plug-ins, and scripts. It was busy again last week, dominated by scripts and plug-ins, old and new.

October 29, 2011

Another round of (200) layoffs for Avid

Missed amongst the noise, Avid Announces Restructuring, Lays off 10% of Workforce according to SonicScoop and others:
"This is a corporation that laid off 120 people in 2010, and 410 employees the year before that – 15% of its staff at the time. It was all a part of five rounds of Avid layoffs that took place between 2006-2009 alone, and a reflection of the company’s overall declining financial health. 
Don’t forget that Avid’s product lines also span essential video editing and finishing systems (DS,Media Composer, Symphony Nitris). The VENUE live consoles are in the mix, as are a raft of popular audio brands that the company acquired over the years, notably M-Audio, System 5, and Sibelius. Clearly, none of these lines have been making enough of a difference to stop Avid from its ongoing advance in the wrong direction."

Update: from Walter Murch at a recent Final Cut event, followed by part of his presentation:
'If you didn’t use FCP, where would you go? “I’ve used Avid in the past, so I know it well. There are some very good things that Avid has, but I’m also curious about Premiere since I’m interested in technology.”'
Seems like Adobe should introduce him to Premiere with a CUDA card.

Update: the full video of the Murch presentation is available.

October 25, 2011

77 free color grades for AE

Unseen here, Facebook users can "like" Dropdrop.com to get the free template "Cassidy Bisher's Color Grades for AE." The package includes 77 comps; just drop in video underneath the adjustment layers + effects, or substitute a video placeholder.

Cassidy also has many After Effects tutorial videos available on Vimeo that support his AE templates at Dropdrop.com. Here's an example of his work that was liked by Particular creator Peder Norrby:

October 24, 2011

After Effects Lately @ PVC

After Effects Lately is a news roundup on AE and beyond.

Here’s another week of some of the latest news on After Effects tutorials, plug-ins, scripts and more. It slowed slightly last week, but there’s plenty of news, tools, and tutorials to keep even the unemployed busy.


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