October 25, 2011

77 free color grades for AE

Unseen here, Facebook users can "like" Dropdrop.com to get the free template "Cassidy Bisher's Color Grades for AE." The package includes 77 comps; just drop in video underneath the adjustment layers + effects, or substitute a video placeholder.

Cassidy also has many After Effects tutorial videos available on Vimeo that support his AE templates at Dropdrop.com. Here's an example of his work that was liked by Particular creator Peder Norrby:


Travis said...

Awesome! Looks similiar to what was done in a Stargate episode in which an Ancient weapon was fired from beneath the Antarctic, they were glowing squid-like drones that moved in a formation much like this. I've converted a 'retired' Intel server in a video editing station & just bought a Quadro 2000D graphics card for it, using a 16x to 8x adapter & bushings to accomodate the card. Sucking up every Premiere/AE tutorial I can get my eyes on. Thanks for this one-stop shop on tutorial links. I'm grabbing all flash videos to local disk for a massive training compilation.

Rich said...

You should visit the sites link to if you like the material. You can speak to the authors directly and find their other work.

And thanks!