December 20, 2005

Effects Corner Podcast

Scott Squires, longtime ILM VFX Supervisor and creator of Commotion, has 2 blogs and a podcast available; see esp, Effects Corner Podcast, "Insights to Visual Effects for Motion Pictures and Television. How it's done in Hollywood and how you can do it yourself." (from Prolost).

December 19, 2005

DI King

A good summary of DI (digital intermediates) can be found in Peter Jackson's "Post Production Diary - 6 Weeks to Go!" on

AE is part of Shake

AE for Shake is a full package of macros for Shake to mimic the 124 effects and 30 blend modes of After Effects within Shake. For now up to 124 effects and 30 blend modes are supported. The User Interface is exactly the same in After Effects and Shake which allows a very fast transition between the two packages.