"Speaking of CUDA, we've recently released a couple things to take advantage of it and it's quite nifty. But in the tests we've done on the boards, the consumer boards compare really well with the pro boards. The GTX 480 holds its own against the Quadro 4800, and is possibly faster, at a third of the price. At least for CUDA stuff. Not sure about general OpenGL performance.

So if you're using Premiere Pro and don't have the cash for a 3800/4800, try
one of the newer high-end consumer boards."

Update: Premiere CS5.0.3 added support for the Quadro 5000M (Windows only) for mobile laptops. On the AE-List Dec 30, Jarle Leirpoll noted that he gets realtime playback for several HD layers with several filters on his Dell Precision M6400 with the Nvidia Quadro FX 3700M.