July 31, 2009

Free After Effects plug-ins

AETuts posted a roundup of 19 Free After Effects Plugins by Topher Welsh, which lets you take a quick look of useful freebies.

Free offers come and go, and many filters are no longer offered (Swatch Buckler?) or don't work in the latest versions of AE. Here's a few others that also seem available, glancing through the AE Portal plug-in summary, but mileage does vary according to the platform and version of AE you're using:
A monetized copy of AE Portal plug-in listings is now available at Toolfarm's Plug-in Finder and Free Plug-ins page if you want to wade in the semi-updated freeness -- or you can look at Mylenium's recently updated free list.

Update: for new info regarding CS5 compatibility see Free After Effects plug-ins: an inconvenient truth.

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