July 1, 2009

HTTP video: reports on Firefox and Apple

Platform adjustments are slowly coming to web video with HTTP streaming. Ars Technica had some background last month in HTML 5 and Web video: freeing rich media from plugin prison.
Adobe views can be seen through the prism of John Dowdell (who seems to have relocated to Twitter; more Adobe views below).

Update: see also Ars July 5 article Decoding the HTML 5 video codec debate, and later Smashing Magazine's HTML5 and The Future of the Web.

Nevermind Safari 4, Beet.TV wonders: Firefox 3.5 is Released -- A Historic Day for Web Video? Beet.TV provides the interview with a Mozilla rep below. For more complete overviews of Firefox 3.5, see Ars Technica and CNET. Note that HTML5 is not without its faults, so Mozilla has already collected fallback hacks so video will still play for those brave enough to jump in.

Last August AEP reported on Broadcasting live video from phone, while many awaited Apple moves (even gamers). With the latest iPhone release, NewTeeVee starts to discuss the video streaming features in The Lowdown on Apple’s HTTP Adaptive Bitrate Streaming and See Apple’s HTTP Adaptive Video Streaming in Action (video below):

* Update: see also Beet.tv, Adobe Readies Open Framework for Universal Video Player, and below, Adobe Lines up with Open Video Initiative and HTML 5.0.

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