July 23, 2009

Apple's Pro Apps web Help Library

Apple is providing web access to comprehensive documentation for the Pro Apps at Help Library. It seems similar to Adobe Help (formerly known as LiveDocs).

Update: Owen’s Photolog has some humor in How to Install Final Cut Studio 3.

Update 2: whoops, Owen was right -- "Rendering PAL material to ProRes 4444 in Color introduces a gamma shift."

Update 3: In Final Cut Pro 7: Create your own manual Alex Gollner explains how to convert the Final Cut Pro 7 html-based help system to a single document manual.

Update 4: Apple posted the FCS manuals in the Help Library under View as PDF.


Todd Kopriva said...

Similar... but I can't seem to find the Add Comment button or the means for submitting links to external resources on the Apple documents.


Rich said...

There's also no easy back to the main index.