July 20, 2009

The Carrot is the Stick

In Mass Animation=Mass Exploitation?, Justin Cone of Motionographer discusses a "new age of distributed creativity":

"When Mass Animation announced their goal of creating a CG short film by 'crowd-sourcing' the animation to a global community of thousands of animators, I had two initial reactions: 1) They’ll never pull it off, and 2) They shouldn’t pull it off.
To executives, though, character animation is the most mechanical part of the process, the most easily produced. After all, animation has long been outsourced to India and China [sorta].
Perhaps there’s a way to do it for even cheaper.As long as animators are willing to toss themselves into the ring for $500 a try, it would appear so. The promise of being a 'Hollywood animator' is still too great for many to pass up."

Meanwhile Flippant News sees the absurdity of bottom feeder clients who look for editors in Looking for work.

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