July 27, 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009 papers & projects online

Vizworld notes that there are ACM SIGGRAPH2009 Proceedings Online. These are the formal papers with downloadable resources. See previous AEP posts SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers Video Preview and Seam carving, cloning, & cutouts for more from the projects themselves.

AEP posts never go viral but there are still about 90 projects that haven't been trumpeted, so an enterprising writer has plenty of fodder still -- check out the impressive list of 90 or more SIGGRAPH 2009 papers on the web by Ke-Sen Huang. Here's a preview of this years' papers:

BTW, SIGGRAPH 2009 is hosting an Information Aesthetics Showcase "in recognition of the increasingly prominent role that information visualization and data graphics are assuming in our digitally mediated culture."

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