July 15, 2009

More Pixel Bender: RGB Distortion, Spill Replacer, Fractal Explorer

Some more possibly useful Pixel Bender filters popped up. RGB Sine Distortion from Synja Dev Blog reminds one of Wave Warp-like features that could be rolled into the recent the free Pixel Bender filters from Satya Meka, Separate RGB, and RGB Splitter PBK, from Maltaannon.

RGB Sine Distortion "basically diffracts the R G and B channels from an image and then runs them through a simple sine wave transposition. The end result is a cool effect that reminds me of an old school analog TV with bad reception and bad guns."

On another front, Cinegobs released his new Pixel Bender plug-in, CineGobs Spill Replacer Pixel Bender v. 1.0. It's more user friendly than his earlier CineGobs Spill Suppression. Instead of just updating the spill suppressor, features were added that you select another layer that you want to replace the spill with.

Also, via gutsblow, Tom Beddard's subblue of Droste Effect filter fame has released 2 Fractal Explorer plug-ins that will take you further faster than AE's built-in Fractal filter. Fractal Explorer "is a couple of Pixel Bender filters that will generate Mandelbrot and Julia set fractals to any power in real-time. The first filter is for standard fractal colouring whereas the second is optimised to use a technique called ‘orbit trapping’ to map an image into fractal space."

subblue also has a good page on Fractals and generative art resources, as well as other cool pattern generators for Flash. The Guilloché Pattern Generator would make a nice Pixel Bender filter too. Here's renderings from his Pixel Bender plug-ins (just toss them into the AE Plug-ins folder):

Julia flower orbit trap from subBlue on Vimeo.

Escher's Droste Effect train comparison from subBlue on Vimeo.

Update: Smart Normal goes Pixel Bender, and generates a normalmap using condensed(2x2) or sobel-edge(4x4).

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