November 17, 2006

Plasma energy ball AE tutorial

RhysWorks has a plasma energy ball tutorial up. I might use it, but adjust it (based on the web movie) for my taste--with a bit more complexity and subtlety in the green glow and particles, since they emanating from the same mass.

Camera Interaction In Flash

via Adobe's John Dowdell (who's former mantra was test early, test often, and test on a machine meeting the lowest system requirement): looks at video layer interactions in "Camera Interaction In Flash Goes Public."
Finally, ideas from the demos on QuickTime Developers Discs, including the v 1.0 disc, are finding wider exposure!

November 16, 2006

Adobe Kuler: cool except RIA crosstown traffic

Adobe Kuler is another poor man's Color Theory, but you could have trouble reaching AdobeLabs because of bandwidth issues. In the mean time there are some stories by Nack, PS News, and Real World Illustrator.

This should be part of an integrated Adobe-wide color picker like Discreet has had, and they shoulda bought Color Theory (and Commotion) years well as Stu's HDR Color Picker idea.

November 8, 2006

Dove on Flippant News and AdJab

Flippant News, a blog on editing and movie making, and AdJab, a Weblogs Inc. Network blog on the ad industry, both covered the great short on retouching in ads done by Dove.

The Poor Man's Color Theory

It's no Color Theory, but Color Palette Generator generates a color palette that matches the web image of your choice.

Edit Blog compares Avid and Final Cut

The Edit Blog's Avid and Final Cut comparison series continues...