November 24, 2013

How YouTube Works + YouTube Comment Reconstruction

How YouTube Works, posted at PVC, still has me wondering about caching, but they say more is in the works.

Not surfing the biggest swell, here's YouTube Comment Reconstruction #1, a Dead Parrot reading of music video comments, that's slightly derivative but still unexpected and funny. It's hard to see yet what effects the new YT comments system will have.

November 19, 2013

Brainstorming After Effects

A new roundup was posted on PVC, Brainstorm in After Effects.

Given a cool reception by some on its initial release, some may have wondered if Brainstorm in After Effects was more useful than the now defunct Variations feature in Photoshop. As shown in various tutorials, Brainstorm might be useful to help stir creative juices, even if it can bog down rendering previews of something as straightforward as the Radio Waves effect.

November 18, 2013