April 19, 2005

The DV Guys: Live from NAB 2005

Tuesday NAB 2005 show featured (MP3) Steve Kilisky & Michael Kanfer from Adobe, and reps from ProMax, Gefen, Digidesign, Avid, and Autodesk.

Michael Kanfer is a new Adobe evangelist to the film community in LA, and has worked in post on major Hollywood movies and on Digital Intermediate (DI) processes at EFILM.

April 16, 2005

new AE plug-ins: Depth Cue

Buena Software has released new AE plug-ins: Depth Cue

The set, which includes 3D Composite, Depth, Fog, Falloff Lighting, and Rack Focus, provides a realistic depth effects that work with AE 3D layers.

AE Wiki is up and running

The AEWiki is up and running.

Based on and limited by MediaWiki, an open source wiki engine used to create the useful Wikipedia, it allows any user to post tips and tutorials.


April 13, 2005

new Red Giant plug-ins

From MacNN.com and the AE-List:

Red Giant Software announced a new product today for NAB...

Key Correct Pro 1.0 ($400) is a new set of 17 plug-ins that lets
users correct alpha channel, create smooth outlines, and color match any two layers.


Map Wars heat up

Google maps, based on technolgy from Keyhole, are fun! 

There's a sightseeing group, Google Sightseeing,
and there's even a site powered by Powered by craigslist
and Google Maps. What Microsoft and Yahoo are up to?
Flickr, Flickr, Flickr, where art thou tags going?

For this and more see an MS guy's blog, "Map Wars heat up."

April 11, 2005


Favicons, the little icons next to the URL location in your
web browser, can be exported from PS with a Mac/Win plug-in from

The cleanest discusion of it I saw of was at

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick

Philip K. Dick was a science fiction author whose writing has been getting the Hollywood treatment (Blade Runner, Total Recall, Screamers, Minority Report, Paycheck, and in 2006 A Scanner Darkly) since his death in 1982.

The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb is a cartoon version of PKD's "Valis" experience that was published in Weirdo #17 in 1986. See the Wikipedia PKD summary for more.

April 10, 2005