December 8, 2010

AE render notifications: iPhone & beyond

Lester Banks notes an After Effects script for iphone render notifications by John Einselen.

There are also options for other carriers and for e-mail. You can use the built-in e-mail scripts like the old render_and_email.jsx (explained by Ko Maruyama) or one on AEScripts, Render, Email, Incremental Save and Shutdown. Alternatively, Prolost explained to how to expand options to view the render remotely in Use Dropbox to Remotely Monitor After Effects Renders.

Also, Todd Kopriva noted in AE CS3 Help that:

"Ko mentions that you can send the email as a text message to your mobile phone. In case you didn't know it, most text message systems allow you to send text messages as email messages. In the US, the email address is usually the ten-digit phone number followed by a string specific to the service provider, like this:

Virgin Mobile:"

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