December 31, 2010

PVC: Canon hacks + video is changing

Chris Meyer notes a few news items with 4 Ways Video Is Fundamentally Changing (from the head of Google’s “video monetization initiatives”) and a partial (6 second) breakthrough or hoax in 2k-4k @ 24fps on a Canon HDSLR? (with video from Philip Bloom).

The last bit has nothing to do with the Magic Lantern firmware hacks, though they should co-exist OK. Magic Lantern enables additional features on Canon cameras like onscreen audio meters, zebra stripes, crop marks, manual audio level controls, lower noise than stock firmware, etc. For the most recent release on those see Magic Lantern now on T2i/ 550D and 60D coming…no sign of 7D yet and the video below, also from Philip Bloom.

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