December 8, 2010

More writing text in After Effects

Write-on text (or stroke or unmasked) has been a very common task in After Effects, and here's 3 more tutorials.

QuickTip – Fast And Easy Text Writing With Particular by Antwan at AEtuts shows:

"the quickest technique for typing words with Particular. Its really handy and easy to setup and it will save you tons of time especially when you want to write a longer word or even a sentence."

Shortformvideo also has a new one, similar to one long out-of-print from Total Training, AE Tutorial – Laser-etched metal title (part 1 embedded below):
"Here’s a new two-part tute on how to create a laser effect that burns your text into a sheet of metal. While this can be achieved using CS3, it’s a lot easier with the Convert Text to Masks option in CS4 and CS5, so I’m using CS5 for this one.
I ran over a bit on part two and had to butcher it to fit into the 15-minute limit – so it’s a bit choppy, and I cut out the parts where I added a flicker to the laser highlight, masked the smoke layers, and re-adjusted the keyframe positions on the Opacity values."

See also Animated Handwriting in After Effects by Corey Barker (uses a stroke effect), Mattrunks' Light Painting Tuto After Effects: Light Effects without plugins, QubaHQ's resurrected Efficient Method for Text Reveal in After Effects, and [later] another tutorial yielding a common look, Laser Writing in After Effects, by Rob Mize.

There's more in the mists of the past and on YouTube, depending on search terms, but here's 1 more related resource, Light graffiti in AE on demos by Aharon Rabinowitz and Andrew Kramer.

Here's Mr. Grayson:

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