December 8, 2010

How to talk to a Colorist

Walter Biscardi noted How to talk to a Colorist by Alexis Van Hurkman, which discusses topics like these:
  • Brightness is Lightness
  • Contrast Is a Stretch
  • Saturation Is Intensity
  • Hue Is Just a Name
  • Cool and Warm Are Important Descriptions, Too
  • What, Exactly, Do You Want Me to Change?
If this piques your interest, check out @hurkman's other writings on Colorista II, DaVinci Resolve, etc and his recent book The Color Correction Handbook --which covers cross platform fundamentals, tips, and techniques covering the art and process of professional color correction for film, broadcast, or the web with Assimilate Scratch, FilmLight Baselight, Quantel Pablo, Iridas SpeedGrade, Apple Color, and the new version of DaVinci Resolve.

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