December 1, 2010

Mishandling video fields and pulldown

Chris Meyer ponders Mishandling Pulldown and offers a guide to resources on fields and 3:2 pulldown:

"Computers and most mobile devices require progressive-scan video for optimal display, but many video download services are incorrectly handling sources with interlacing and pulldown. ...I can understand where people with a print, photographic or web background would be caught off guard by some of the weird special cases of video. But if your job is broadcasting or selling video…I have considerably less sympathy for you. But I’m here to help.
Now, if I could just get our local network affiliates to stop deinterlacing their still image graphics…"

It's really awful on cable when they don't get fields right on SD and upscale to HD. And the same imagecasters aren't going to keep your pretty gradients intact either
, so it might be better to stick to ones that look good rendered in 8-bit, as noted in Remove banding in After Effects.

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