November 8, 2007

Light graffiti in AE

Over at Creative Cow Aharon Rabinowitz has a video that gets you started in using "AE to simulate the popular light writing effect seen in recent Sprint commercials." "Light graffiti" got way more popular since PIPS:lab debuted in the late '90s or so -- especially with those Sprint commercials (more) which also seem to end with Trapcode Particular whisps of light. As Aharon says you don't need to use actual lights (like PIPS:lab or MAKE), you can just write-on, wiggle, and glow with or without something to track.

Andrew Kramer posted somewhat related tutorials, 33. Graffiti Writing and a light streaks technique with Trapcode Particular at Creative Cow some time ago.

Light graffiti was also featured in the book Urban Calligraphy and Beyond and in recent articles like MAKE: Blog: Light graffiti, Painting with Light, Interview with LICHTFAKTOR: Light Graffiti Artists, and Architectural Light Graffiti: Projection Bombing Images on Urban Surfaces.

Update: Light Writing - Part 2 is up at Creative Cow.

Update: Mathias Möhl noted Writing a Light Graffiti effect (in frei0r format) at Kdenlive.

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