November 30, 2007

Indies Should Stay Away From Adobe Premiere?

FreshDV notes a post in another blog in Indies Should Stay Away From Adobe Premiere?

Adobe Premiere’s AAF Audio Export is Broken"In a post aptly titled “Why Adobe Premiere Pro is not suited for the indie filmmaker”, Titus Films talks about one of the major issues with the popular non-linear editing software; AAF Audio Export. The complaint is that the CS3 Production Suite doesn’t really offer a pro-level solution for mixing a feature film’s audio…"

I have a friend who records and mixes World Music performances and she has the same complaint. Using Nuendo or ProTools, it would be better if Premiere could export OMF. And even if Automatic Duck could be used as a workaround, the pull to Final Cut is quite strong. This is an example where PC devotees seriously consider emulation or a Hackintosh.

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