November 17, 2010

Pop-up books in After Effects

AEtuts posted Unfold A Magical Pop Up Book Simulation by Nicolas Plaire, an After Effects tutorial video in 2 parts. In part 1, the pop-up and 3D scene is built, then in part 2 trigonometry and more is used for interaction between layers to unfold elements with a minimal number of keyframes. Seems pretty cool and you can adjust the camera animation to taste.

Update: there was another pop-up book tutorial at Digital Arts, AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL: MAKE AN ANIMATED 3D POP-UP BOOK, written by Sam Hampton-Smith.

For something not completely different see Cross-processing look in After Effects + Flip-Book Effect.


cayE said...

you do this tutorial? i can do the global control i don't noq put the javascript!!

Rich said...

No, sorry. You can leave a message for the author on AEtuts.