November 14, 2010

HDSLR Shopping? Check out Prolost + Philip Bloom

Update: see more in Which Video DSLR?

Stu Maschwitz posted HDSLR Shopping? What You Want is a Canon 60D at Prolost. Stu compares DSLR cameras for HD video, and as always both the blog post and the comments are worth reading:

"Using a DSLR for video a compromise. In addition to the technical limitations we’ve discussed here at length, the time-honored form factor of the SLR just wasn’t made for movies. The 60D takes a big step toward fixing this. To me, this matters a lot. The 5D Mark II shot you blew because you couldn’t see the LCD well enough to focus is worth nothing compared to the 60D shot you wrangled from an angle.

If you’re already a Canon shooter, remember that while the 60D shares batteries with the 5D Mark II and the 7D, it uses SDHC cards instead of CF. I’ve put together a 60D Cine page on the ProLost store to help you get your kit going."

Update: Different opinions in a Mograph thread, and Cinema 5D noted this video on Three Canon HDSLR’s Compared 550D, 60D and 7D,

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