November 22, 2010

Premiere CS5 6 months later + Avid switchers

@AdobePremiere twittered on a few interesting items today. At, Pete Bauer takes another look at Premiere Pro CS5 and adds some advice in Premiere CS5 Six Months Later. Here's an short excerpt:

"I’m using a home-built i7 980X with 12GB of RAM, Quadro FX4800, SSD for the OS and a 4 HDD RAID0 for Preview files. I routinely edit 20 – 90 minute timelines using 3-4 HD cameras in a variety of HD formats, typically using “Render and Replace” to sweeten audio in Soundbooth, and include some dynamic links to short After Effects comps. I did have a couple of seemingly random but non-repeatable crashes fairly early on. Thinking back over the past couple months since going to version 5.02 I honestly don’t recall any crashes at all.

I simply cannot overstate how satisfying it is to throw four different types of HD files on a timeline, multi-cam them, color correct, rotate, scale, add transitions, and still see a yellow bar (meaning no preview file rendering is needed) and enjoy fluid performance on the timeline. In fact, I just recently did that with Canon AVCHD, 5DmII MOV, HDV, GoPro mp4 and 24 bit audio wav files all working together in the same multi-cam and target sequences."

Not that everything is always fluid in Premiere -- sometimes you'll see several second pauses before playback starts, app startup can be comparatively lengthy, and conforming can make you wait (though conforming is much less painful than previous releases).

Also tweeted was a new video learning product from Video2brain (for Avid users, a very tough room), Premiere Pro CS5 for Avid Editors: Your Guide to Making the Leap to Premiere Pro! [later, about a half hour of samples were posted from this set on Video2brain]

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