November 13, 2010

Keyboard shortcuts you (maybe) don't use

Laurence Grayson of Shortformvideo is back with another video tutorial (below), The best keyboard shortcuts you (probably) don't use, which is a bit like a primer for Chris Zwar on After Effects features that most people don’t seem to notice.

shortcuts were easier to learn in the past when Adobe had printed multi-fold shortcut guides. AE shortcuts (listed in Help and in the Adobe Shortcut App) can be edited in preferences, but it's much easier with Jeff Almasol's script UI "KeyEd Up." The old Use After Effects' Shortcuts with non-English Keyboards by Jonas Hummelstrand seems like it's still useful, as does the Adobe After Effects CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet (printable PDF) by Denis Klepcha on Aetuts.

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