November 29, 2010

Illustrator to After Effects Motion Paths

@AdobeAE notes an Adobe TV tutorial by Colin Smith on copying paths from Illustrator as motion paths in After Effects:

"Have you ever tried to create a complex motion path in After Effects? This tip will show you just how well Illustrator and After Effects communicate using a simple copy and paste to the clipboard and transfer illustrations to motion paths in After Effects!"

Note: this topic was covered earlier by Aharon Rabinowitz in Importing a Motion Path and by Trish Meyer in Pasting Paths from Illustrator to After Effects: The essential trick to paste multiple paths to After Effects Shape Layers at once.

Update: just a note on an Illustrator script resource Scriptographer via the Plural Blog.

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Anonymous said...

you can do way batter and easier animations with lens flares from Video
and you don't have to be looking to an annoying "Adobe tv"