November 29, 2010

ExpressionUniversalizer to translate expressions

ExpressionUniversalizer is a new script from Lloyd Alvarez at AE Scripts that will "convert the expressions in your projects so that they are compatible with After Effects running in ... [now] English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese ... once the project has been universalized it can be open by ANY language ...The geeky explanation of how the script does this is it converts all the localized effect references in your expressions to the After Effects 'under the hood' match name which is the same in every language." Lloyd explains more in his demo below.
ExpressionUniversalizer goes a step beyond an older script by Charles Bordenave (nabscripts) that's also at AE Scripts, TranslateExpressions, which translates expression control names according to the language of the running version.


Lloyd Alvarez said...

Hey Rich,

Thanks for the post but small clarification. You say the script will make the proj compatible with the 5 languages but that is not correct, it will make it compatible with ANY language. The 5 languages is what it can translate FROM. I know it's a bit confusing so hope this makes more sense.


Rich said...

Ah... those are the languages currently supported for translation conversion from, but they'll read in any local version like Arabic, Hindi, Hebrew,etc.

Lloyd Alvarez said...