November 7, 2010

Premiere: multiple transitions at once + shortcuts

Learn Premiere Pro CS5 - Add multiple transitions is a new quick tip on adding multiple transitions at once in Premiere, something that Final Cut could do since day 1. It's a feature that can save time and money:

Unfortunately, as Adobe seems to favor marketing over help resources (at least for video products), this quick tip may also be promoting navigation practices that cost more money. Direct manipulation with a mouse is great but Premiere also has keyboard shortcuts to make navigation faster, like the =/- keys to zoom the timeline and Page Up/Down to go to next the edit or clip. The =/- keys even work while you're dragging media, which is nice on days when you have a bee in your bonnet.

A list of shortcuts is in Premiere Pro Help. Keyboard shortcuts were easier to learn in the past when Adobe had printed multi-fold shortcut guides. If you wish, you can customize keyboard shortcuts and load the Avid or Final Cut keyboard instead (though some versions ago the ones for Final Cut were not complete or correct).

Update: Beware of some of the shorthands for shifted and unshifted character found in Premiere CS5 Help (in Keyboard shortcuts and Panels). By the way here's a recent video on shortcuts in Premiere:

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