November 20, 2010

Profiles and color management in AE

Andrew Devis has a new After Effects tutorial video, The AE Color Space, which looks at some basics for color management:

"You spend a lot of time making sure your project looks just right, but if you don't embed a colour profile into your final output, then you have no control over how that precious project will look on other machines and devices! In this After Effects video tutorial, Andrew Devis explains how this works and shows how to set up a colour profile for your project; and then how to embed it into your output so that you can be sure all your hard work will be properly represented on other devices."

For more on color management, see many pages in AE Help starting at Color, books like Mark Christiansen's After Effects Studio Techniques and Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects by Chris & Trish Meyer, and these previous AEP posts:

  • Color Management in a CG workflow (Johan Steen discussing "how to calibrate and profile your display and then how to configure and setup your 2D, 3D and post processing applications for a color managed workflow.")

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