June 1, 2010

"Your weakness is your strength"

Last Saturday's early morning tweet from Sweden by Trapcode's Peder Norrby (@rymden) struck a chord for the After Effects community:

"Say no to presets and tutorials! All works end up looking the same. Realize that your weakness *is* your strength."

In a way, it seems like something from Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. To explore further, see the discussion that ensued at Trapcode Facebook, Peder's explanation in Your weakness is your strength at the Trapcode blog, and Mylenium's forum-weary take in Tutorials are evil (and Presets, too)! Also, Tip Squirrel hosted Chad's article Scott Kelby, Andrew Kramer, and the Decline of True Art last year.

Keep in mind that Peder's Trapcode People was an early attempt to mix inspiration with presets and project sharing. See also AEP's recent After Effects presets & templates burgeoning.

Update: there's good commenting on the Motionworks note on Peder's Tweet.

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