June 28, 2010

Exporting from Premiere Pro CS5

via @AdobePremiere, Jeff Bellune shows how to export video from Premiere Pro CS5. He covers the important gotchas of Export Settings and the Adobe Media Encoder (AME) UI, except for dealing with source-output frame size changes.

Note that CUDA exceleration can make exports faster, for example when scaling, especially with a next generation card like the
GeForce 470. Encoding is not currently accelerated in hardware; the Elemental Encoder plug-in for Premiere wasn't developed for CS5.

Adobe TV has several other videos on exporting video & stills and on AME. Here's how to export just a still, which is a bit faster than exporting to AME:


joe said...


I am having a continuing problem in exporting video to a DV deck from CS5.
I am able to capture video and audio with no problem, but when I attempt to export back to the same deck, over the same firewire, I get continous drop-outs.
I know the deck is good, the firewire is good and I've uninstalled and re-installed CS5 at least three times.
Adobe Tech Support has been absolutely no help to me and I need to get this going. I'll be glad to pay for some assistance if you have any ideas.
Thanks much,

Rich said...


You might try Jeff Bellune or the Adobe Forum where's there's bunch of users.

I had power problems last week and now have 2 computers zapped in different ways, and am limping along now on a very old machine running Windows XP. So I couldn't help until I get a new motherboard and power supply!