June 13, 2010

EXR Channels and Post DOF/Mblur in After Effects

Chad Ashley of cgpov posted a new After Effects tutorial, EXR Channels and Post DOF/Mblur, which covers generating depth of field and motion blur from 3D renders of EXR files using AE filter packs fnord ProEXR (built into AE), Frischluft Lenscare, RE:Vision ReelSmart Motion Blur, and more.

Similar tutorials can be found in Adding motion blur to video or 3D renders. There's more info and tutorials on Importing and using 3D files and 3D Channel effects in AE Help, and more generally on the 3D-AE nexus from Motionworks, Tim Clapham, Greyscale Gorilla, CGtuts, VFX Haiku, and in Topher Welsh uber-roundups. Here's Chad's tutorial:

3D Post DOF and Motion Blur in After Effects from chad smashley on Vimeo.


Lucas Peixoto said...


good tutorial. Really helpful, thanks!

Rich said...

Check out the tutorial author's reworked website:

You can also comment on the tutorial source page: