June 4, 2010

Sapphire 5 for After Effects

Genarts recently released a CS5 version of their original big set, Sapphire 5 for After Effects. Here's a few highlights:
  • over 220 effects in lighting, stylize, blur, comp, render, distort, time and transition categories, each with unique options and parameters
  • includes 15 new effects such as TVDamage, TVChannelChange, Technicolor, and new transitions
  • GPU acceleration, with NVidia GeForce 200 or 400 series or Quadro 5800 graphics card required for maximum performance
  • supports full 32-bit floating point for all internal processing, improving quality for many effects
  • Sapphire plug-ins for AE are licensed per machine, so one serial number allows you to use them on multiple AE compatible host applications on the same computer.
Sapphire is a massive package that's become something of an industry standard package across platforms. Genarts has brings even more to this rev, but it does come at a price and even seems to compete with the other packages by Genarts, Tinder and Monsters/Raptors. Happily there are trial and monthly rental versions, and a slew of tutorials available to make a proper evaluation. Here are a few video intros of the new version:

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