June 1, 2010

Technicolor + UVPass shaders for After Effects

via @pixelbender, François Tarlier has released a few Pixel Bender filters, ft-2-strip technicolor & ft-3-strip technicolor shader and UVPass shader for After Effects.

Those film looks were used famously by Martin Scorsese in The Aviator, and described in detail at Two Strip and Three Strip Technicolor processes at Aviator VFX and at the Wide Screen Museum's Technicolor pages. As noted in 2007, similar Mac-only filters are available free from Patrick Sheffield at Free Plugins for Final Cut Pro.

Also, Francois has a tutorial for the UVPass shader:

Note: Francois has other Pixel Bender filters too -- see Cubic Lens Distortion filter for After Effects + Chromatic Aberration (a port of the SynthEyes Lens Distortion Algorithm for matchmoving).

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