June 1, 2010

RenderQ: a free render queue for OS X

Andrew Hake has released RenderQ, a free render queue for OS X that superceeds AERender, an AE render droplet for OS X (via @5tu):

RenderQ, the latest update to the render droplet apps; which not only combines the functionality of MayaRender, AERender, NukeRender, and all of their Q counterparts, it does them all one better by using a little bit of intelligence.

RenderQ is a drag and drop render queue app that will send Maya, After Effects, Nuke, and Shake renders to Terminal and queue them up for easy and efficient local rendering. It is now very easy to set preferences for the version of each app you are using, as well as enabling and disabling additional flags for each filetype. RenderQ will also automatically detect the filetype and submit the job accordingly.

I have also added Shake rendering to this version of the app.Also included is RenderQ maitre d’ to pause and resume renders and will also show which render engine is currently active and the last job submitted to the queue."

labs: RenderQ_v1. . . from Andrew Hake on Vimeo.

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