June 5, 2010

'House' DP on Canon 5D MkII

Adam Wilt investigates how the DP used Canon 5D MkIIs on the “House” finale in HDSLR Revolution: Gale Tattersal Talks about “House:

'“Help Me”, the season 6 finale of “House”, was shot with Canon 5D Mk II HDSLRs using off-the-shelf Canon still lenses [similar to the one below from Adam]. This past week, Director of Photography Gale Tattersal quashed a few rumors about how the show was shot, and commented on what he liked about using the Canons as cine cameras.

Mr. Tattersal‘s comments were made on the Cinematography Mailing List, and I reproduce them here by kind permission of Mr. Tattersal and CML’s Geoff Boyle. I’ve made minor edits for formatting and readability, and added some links...'

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The above is not a review, so it appears that just leaving links was the only goal of your comment. The links were not necessarily bad, but odd to place on an old report of an old report.

So, no thank you, not right now.