June 3, 2010

AE's CycoreFX inside Premiere Pro CS5

An updated test using Creative Cloud 2014, Using CycoreFX plug-ins in Premiere Pro and After Effects, can be found on Pro Video Coalition.


Pierre Louis Beranek tested the 8-bit CycoreFX plug-ins built into After Effects in Premiere Pro CS5 to find out which ones work. He moved the Cycore folder to Adobe > Common ... > MediaCore (both AE and Premiere check the Common folder).

The results of his tests, which were scraped up from the ether, are subject to further testing on a user's part -- the results are provisional and unsupported by Adobe. Cycore's only supported host app for any product is After Effects, but the list may help you decide which filters would work in Premiere apart from Dynamic Link [see comments]. Testing here found that some effects work but not in every case. For example, CC Clylinder works fine in Premiere, even the Z space parameter, but it doesn't work when exported from AE & imported into Premiere in "desktop mode."

Pierre Louis adds his own usage notes at the bottom:

1. Ball Action N
2. Bend It Y (useful?) (ES)
3. Bender Y (useful?) (ES)
4. Blobbylize N
5. Bubbles N
6. Burn Film N
7. Color Offset N
8. Composite Y (useful?)
9. Cylinder Y (useful?) (ES)
10. Drizzle N
11. Flo Motion N
12. Force Motion Blur N
13. Glass N
14. Glass Wipe N
15. Glue Gun N
16. Grid Wipe Y (ES)
17. Griddler N
18. Hair N
19. Image Wipe Y (ES)
20. Jaws Y
21. Kaleida N
22. Lens N
23. Light Burst 2.5 N
24. Light Rays N
25. Light Sweep Y (very useful!) (ES)
26. Light Wipe Y
27. Mr. Mercury N
28. Page Turn Y (ES)
29. Particle Systems II Y (fully functional?) (ES)
30. Particle World N (crashes PP)
31. Pixel Polly Y (not fully functional)
32. Power Pin N
33. PS Classic (obsolete) Y (fully functional?)
34. PS LE Classic (obsolete) Y (fully functional?)
35. Radial Blur N
36. Radial Fast Blur Y (ES)
37. Radial ScaleWipe Y (ES)
38. Rain Y (ES)
39. RepeTile Y (ES)
40. Ripple Pulse N
41. Scale Wipe N
42. Scatterize Y (ES)
43. Simple Wire Removal Y (useful?)
44. Slant Y (ES)
45. Smear N
46. Snow Y (ES)
47. Sphere N
48. Split Y (useful?)
49. Spotlight Y (ES)
50. Star Burst N
51. Threshold RGB Y
52. Threshold Y
53. Tiler N
54. Toner Y (better version of PP’s Tint effect) (ES)
55. Twister Y (ES)
56. Vector Blur N
57. Wide Time Y

Notes: some of these effects work great in Premiere, especially ’Light Sweep’. TimeBlend, TimeBlendFX and Split2 don’t appear at all in Premiere and therefore don’t work. All of these effects were tested on a single 720P Sony XDCAM clip, therefore it’s possible that some effects that are marked as ’N’ (not working) could perhaps work on other media. ’Y’ doesn’t mean that all of the effect’s properties work properly, since I didn’t test each individual parameter for each effect.

Updatethese filters were tested further and discussed in a New Premiere training from Eran Stern, released in Feb 2011 (added as ES above).


Joost said...

Be very careful. Some effects, like Burn Film will crash premiere.

Rich said...

Het Joost is there a complete list of feature incompatibilities between AE and Premiere with Dynamic Link?

Joost said...

Rich, this has nothing to do with Dynamic Link. That works and is fine.
So if you send anything from Pr to AE using Dynamic Link, you are fine.

The unsupported part is when you copy the Cycore Effects to work inside Pr. Very buggy and unsupported, because they were never designed to run inside Premiere. It is pure luck if they work.

But if you would like this to work, like I do, fill out a feature request here: http://tinyurl.com/nv34hk

Rich said...

Yes, sorry. I have a tendency to copy & paste, which is of course not the same as DL rendering an AE project in the background.