June 23, 2010

Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects CS5

Chris Meyer announced Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects, Fifth Edition for CS5 today on the AE-List. If your browser tab is too narrow you may have missed the chapter excerpts pointed out by Todd Kopriva, who broadcasts a hearty recommendation.

Trish and Chris Meyer are among the very earliest users and teachers of After Effects and have redesigned the book to reflect new features from both CS4 and CS5. This is the definitive book on After Effects and an essential reference for all but a few. It now includes sections on:
  • Mastering animation through the use of keyframes, motion paths, and the Graph Editor
  • Blending imagery using alpha channels, masks, mattes, modes, and stencils
  • Building groups and hierarchies through parenting and nested compositions
  • Extended coverage of type animation, paint tools and 3D space
  • New CS5 features including Roto Brush, mocha v2 for AE, and the Digieffects Freeform
  • Advanced subjects such as keying, motion tracking, mocha, expressions, integrating with 3D applications, and video issues
  • Extensive coverage of recently added features such as Shape and Puppet tools, Per-character 3D text, Brainstorm, Cartoon effect, color management, and more
  • The DVD also includes almost 200 pages of additional information, including lengthy Bonus Chapters on Expressions and Effects.

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