April 23, 2010

After Effects presets & templates burgeoning

Note: Don't forget that presets, tutorials, and templates are just a starting point! See "Your weakness is your strength" for community discussion on this point.

Presets and project templates for After Effects are growing rapidly in number and quality. Of course most tutorial authors offer free projects and presets. Motion Graphics Exchange leads the pack offering free collection and referrals with their attractive library, and hopefully we'll see another initiative from them soon. Additional background and free resources were listed earlier in AE presets & projects round-up.

There are at least 16 sites already selling templates and presets, just waiting for a Topher-style roundup [update: a week later Topher Welsh added 20 After Effects Template Websites].

And now, bigger entities are moving in. Red Giant Software just released 7 "Guru Preset" add-on packs for their software titles, and announced Red Giant People (later that day, more) presumably a trading post akin to the old Trapcode People website. Video Copilot also started selling presets and offers a Video Copilot Preset Network for Optical Flares.

Another entrant is the intriguing FreeForm Enhancement Pack- Mylenium Edition, created by Chris Bobotis and Lutz Albrecht (Mylenium.de). Here's a cool example from a somewhat mysterious post by Mylenium, Fun with Displacements:

ah, here... FreeForm Enhancement Pack - Mylenium Edition from mettle com on Vimeo.

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