April 11, 2010

CS5 Help is up: see What’s new

The Creative Suite 5 Help pages are up -- so see What’s new in After Effects CS5! in Help and in color at the main product pages!

Here's the Top new features in After Effects CS5, plus there's a ton of other enhancements:

And here's What's New in Premiere Pro CS5:

  • 64-bit and GPU-accelerated performance with the Mercury Playback Engine
  • Expanded native tapeless workflows
  • Script-to-screen workflow
  • Round-trip editing with Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer
  • Editing and production efficiencies from metadata features
  • CS Review for client and team reviews made simple
  • Simplified everyday tasks
  • Log footage from virtually any camera with Adobe OnLocation CS5
  • Ultra Key for fast, accurate keying—even on challenging footage
  • Streamlined encoding with revamped Adobe Media Encoder
  • Native support for DSLR cameras
  • Create searchable web-DVDs in Encore CS5
Update: Adobe-commissioned benchmarks for CS5 compared to CS4 can be found at http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/pdfs/production_premium_cs5_benchmarking_report.pdf.


Anonymous said...

Have they really removed wireframe preview? Under "Views and previews changes" it says so. Why would they do this? This is one of my most used views when working in 3d space. If I want to move layers around in 3D quickly, I don't want to have to wait for previews.
Some of these changes are bizarre and for the worse.

Rich said...

I think one problem in development is that they use very modern machines, and everyone touching CS5 had to have a new machine. Maybe it was that OpenGL was seen at good enough after all these years since AE5. I don't know.

You might post on the Adobe forum or on Todd Kopriva's blog so that they register you disappointment. If you post here at least your ideas will get into the official system, not just an e-mail folder: