April 19, 2010

Change After Effects CS5 render sounds

As noted last year, you can have Custom render sounds in After Effects, and now CS5 Help tells you how on the Mac. According to Change the render-complete sounds, just replace the rnd_fail.wav or rnd_okay.wav files found in these locations:
  • On the Mac, Show Package Contents on the Adobe After Effects CS5.app, then navigate to Contents/Resources/sounds/
  • In Windows, C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\sounds\
If you have several machines, the source of the sound may not be obvious, so you could add an ID to the sound yourself -- or use a the built-in e-mail scripts (explained by Ko Maruyama) or one on AEScripts, Render, Email, Incremental Save and Shutdown. Prolost explains to how to expand options to view the render remotely in Use Dropbox to Remotely Monitor After Effects Renders.

You can also turn off render chimes by setting "Play sound when render finishes" to "0" in the Adobe After Effects 10.0 Prefs file (locations may have changed). The classic render chime (Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy) sound may have gone the way of Wireframe Previews.

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