April 8, 2010

Using FCP Trim mode like Avid Trim mode + Premiere

Paul Del Vecchio has a post and some video on Using FCP's trim mode like Avid's trim mode (sorta), plus an Overview of Avid Media Composer and Avid Trim Mode. Adobe Premiere Pro also gets some attention and a couple of useful feature suggestions. Read the post for details not in the videos, and to give Paul feedback:

Update: in The Zen of Trim Steve Cohen explains the power of Avid’s trim model,

"My point was this: Most of my cuts are overlapped. When I adjust picture, I usually want to adjust sound somewhere else to stay in sync. With MC, I can trim all parts of an overlap while playing and watching any one of them. When I stop, I’m done.

The ability to see realtime video while the cut is made, and to observe what’s happening at any part of the cut, audio or video, a-side or b-side, while keeping everything else in sync, is something I can’t get anywhere else. Not to mention the ability to do asymmetrical trimming, or trim two heads or tails, slip or slide, etc., all while watching, or listening to, any portion of the cut."


Anonymous said...

Wouaw ! just see the first video and learn so much !! the fastest way trim i ever seen ! i got to work the J-CUT thing too... nice & clean... thank you... more tuts like this please...


Rich said...

Be sure to visit Paul's website and let him know you liked it!