April 7, 2010

Bad TV: now an After Effects-native filter

Bad TV, once a Mac-only Core Image-based filter then a Pixel Bender filter, is now an After Effects-native filter (Mac/Win) designed to create TV distortion. Features of this low-cost filter now include:
  • Automatically creates distortion based on the input parameters.
  • No displacement maps are required.
  • Creates Vertical Sync offset which causes the jumpy effect seen in Old TVs.
  • Creates scan lines of varied thickness to give a DV Tape effect.
  • All the source code along with detailed comments are available.
  • If you are using the plug-in in After Effects and an OpenGL 2.0 video card (most machines made in the last few years have them) then use the native plug-in, otherwise use the Pixel Bender version. If you are using it in Flash, then use the Flash version.
For background and alternatives, see Bad TV: new Pixel Bender + others.

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