December 7, 2009

Bad TV: new Pixel Bender + others

Bad TV, released earlier as a Mac-only Core Image-based filter for After Effects, is now also a Pixel Bender plug-in (compatible only with CS4 Win/Mac). It'll cost you only $20. A demo and instructions are in the video below.

Bad TV Pixel Bender from Satya Meka on Vimeo.

This effect has been popular over the years so there's a lot more presets, tutorials, and (more expensive) AE filters that try to at least partially simulate the effect: Digieffects Damage, Red Giant Holomatrix, Video Copilot Twitch, Creating An Old TV Screen (with project files) and Creating a Hologram Look in After Effects by Aharon Rabinowitz, Retro Style Graphics by Harry Frank (uses the Graymachine 3D and BadTV preset). Also try out another Pixel Bender filter RGB Sine Distortion by Synja Dev Blog.

We can also resort to leveraging the Bad TV Animation Presets built into After Effects!

Update: Also, check out this TV Noise preset at AEnhancers. And later, the bad-TV-ish De-rezzing grunge series by Laurence Grayson.

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