December 14, 2009

Multiplane script and demos

AEScripts has a new script from Paul Tuersley, pt_Multiplane:

"Instantly turn layered Photoshop or Illustrator files into 3D multiplanes. It adds expressions that let you freely move layers on the z axis without changing the look of the shot from the original camera position, making it easy to experiment with depth in your scene."

There's also a nice 10-minute video tutorial with 3 demos, and more on multiplane cameras from an old Disney show:


Thomas said...

For me, Paul is one of the most underestimated script writer seen in the last decades!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paul
brilliant script - can multiplane be easily integrated into a camera tracked shot. The different zoom values given by the track combined with the orientation keyframes seem to give weird results..any ideas ?

Rich said...

You can contact Paul through (linked), or perhaps @paultuersley on Twitter.